Ever since driving the Buick Enclave, I have set my mind to getting one for our family because there are so many features I love about it!

I Love the Buick Enclave

You really get to know a car and get a feel for it when you take it on a road trip. We did just that when we had it for that week. We made it all the way up to St. Augustine and were comfortable the whole time.

That being said, here are 5 reasons why I want to make the Buick Enclave my next family vehicle.

  • I love that it is big enough to fit my family comfortably without being “too big”
  • Even with the 3rd row, there was still enough trunk space for a road trip.  A 3rd row is something I really see our family needing now that the kiddos are getting older.

Buick Enclave Trunk

  • With all the driving we did, the Buick Enclave was not a gas guzzler.  This was  a big deal for me because we got rid of our bigger car because it consumed so much gas.

Buick Enclave Steering Wheel

  • The inside lights up like a space ship at night which made it even cooler to drive around in.
  • There were 2 sunroofs, one for us to enjoy and then one for the kiddos to enjoy.

Buick Enclave Sunroof

Of course I also loved the remote control trunk remote, dual AC and 2 seat memory buttons.

Buick Enclave Features Collage

Plus, the DVD players kept the kiddos entertained on our road trip

Buick Enclave Steering DVD Player

We loved the Buick Enclave and it will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.