Being that our ultimate goal is for you save money while still getting to enjoy some of your favorites I want to tell you about Pei Wei Asian Diner. Maybe you have heard about it (maybe even eaten there) or maybe you haven’t.

We went to P.F. Chang’s for lunch this past Sunday to celebrate my Mother-In-Law’s Birthday and I nearly fell back when I saw the bill. The food is delicious but when you are on a budget, a big bill is hard to swallow (pun intended). When I later mentioned that we could have gone to Pei Wei instead, they hadn’t heard of it.  So I figured maybe some of you haven’t either, so I wanted to share.

I LOVE P.F. Chang’s, my husband and I first went there when we celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary in 2004.  Although I love their ambiance and their food, especially the Great Wall of Chocolate cake, I am not fond of spending alot of money.  So I was ecstatic when they came out with Pei Wei Asian Diner because it allowed me to get the food I love for a reasonable price.

Pei Wei is both affordable and fast.  Pei Wei Asian Diner may not have the same exact menu but for the most part they do have alot of the favorites (Lettuce Wraps, Honey Seared Chicken, Special Fried Rice – can you tell what I order when I go there). They also have a dining area and they also have someone who goes around to your table (if you choose to eat there) to see if you need help with anything.

Pei Wei Asian Diner doesn’t compare to the romantic ambiance you get when eating at P.F. Chang’s but I have had a date night there and it was nice 🙂

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The Birthday Girl
Blowing out her candle on the Great Wall of Chocolate
My Daughter, Niece & my Son

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