When school starts there are a ton of things to worry about getting, New clothes, new haircut, and of course the very important, the new backpack. This year however, I didn’t have to worry about what brand or style because as long as it had straps for the Gutzy Gear, my kids were happy. So, what is Gutzy Gear? Gutzies are removable patches that stick to their own Gutzy strap covers. There are over 50 different types of patches in all different shapes and types and they also have licensed Gutzies like Marvel Comics (which if my son saw he’d beg us for them), Nickelodeon Characters, Monster High and more. Your child and their friends can collect, trade, and share the patches they love! It’s a great way for kids to express themselves and share their personality.

The Gutzy straps fit around almost any type of strapped bag. So it’s not just for kids. Adults can put them on their college backpack, laptop bag, briefcase strap, luggage strap and more. Even I want to jump on the Gutzy Gear bandwagon. I love Marvel Characters (now you know where my son gets it from) and I want to put them on my laptop bag.

You can check out Gutzy Gear’s website to see all their Gutzies and lots of interactive things for your kids to do too. If you are headed to the store to find them, you’ll find them in select Target, Walmart, Kmart, Toys R Us, and Office Depot locations.

My Babies love them!

Disclosure: We were provided Gutzy Gear for review. However, All opinions are all own.