DreamWorks Animation’s newest series Go, Dog. Go! is now streaming on Netflix! I had the opportunity to chat with its Executive Producer, Adam Peltzman, about the show itself, how it was inspired by the book and the importance of community. Of course, I created a list of Go, Dog. Go! Fun Facts for you to enjoy. *You can check out the full interview (that’s not to long) below.

Adam Peltzman

Go, Dog. Go! Fun Facts

  • They referred to the book as much as they could for inspiration, especially for the first episode.
  • Blimps are in the book but there’s no real context so they added it into the show and they incorporated a character, Tag’s mom (Ma Barker) as the pilot.
  • In the book, there are a bunch of dogs that share a bed, so they made that the main family. There was one dog in particular that was wide awake while the rest were sleeping, so that became the inspiration for the main character, Tag.
  • They made sure to include the poodle with the hats, and she remains pretty hat focused in various episodes.
  • The dog on the cover of the book became Tag’s dad.
  • The acapella dog group was created so that they could incorporate music without making the show a musical.
  • Community is the umbrella theme of the show…it takes a village to obtain goals.
  • There are birds throughout the series because they wanted to incorporate it from the book.
  • Unlike other shows, Adam has no cameo in this season of the show.

Check out this short video of my Go, Dog. Go! Interview with Adam Peltzman for more about Go, Dog. Go!

DreamWorks Animation’s newest series Go, Dog. Go! is now streaming on Netflix!

More about Go, Dog. Go!

Based on PD Eastman’s best-selling, classic children’s book (over 8 million copies sold!), Go, Dog. Go! follows 6-year-old Tag Barker on her adventures in the city of Pawston, a fun-loving community of dogs on the go. Tag is a skilled mechanic and loves anything that goes. With her ingenuity and creativity, Tag can go as far as any plan will take her with her best friend Scooch Pooch by her side. Executive produced by Adam Peltzman (Odd SquadWallykazam!),