If you are planning to have a 4th of July party or just want to decorate for the holiday, get your kids involved with easy-to-make decorations. You can try one of these simple ideas to keep them occupied and provide great patriotic décor to your home or Independence Day party this year.

Flag Banner

Have your kiddos draw and color the American flag on a white sheet of paper. Once they have done a few you can tie them together with some sort of string and make a banner out of it.

*You can also have them just draw a few and then hang them up separately throughout the area.

Large Sheet Flag

Purchase a cheap white sheet or dig one out of the linen closet and have your kids paint it like an American flag. Take it outside and provide them with the paint they’ll need to make a giant flag just in time for the holiday. If you are going out to a parade or other event, you can do this with white t-shirts, too, so that you all have patriotic wear when you are out and about this holiday.

Printable Magnets

Go online and print out some 4th of July coloring sheets. Have kids paint or color them, then help them cut out the images and glue a magnet to the back for refrigerator decorations that you can save for years to come.

Paper Bag Liberty Crown

Use and old paper bag to make a liberty crown or 4th of July Uncle Sam hat. You can find the pattern online and draw it onto the paper bag. You will need glue, paint and scissors to make these happen, but they are easy to create and cute for kids to wear.

4th of July Jewelry

Get some red, white, and blue beads and have kids string them on yarn to make some fun and fashionable jewelry for this 4th of July.


Have kids cut out and color stars and stripes from scratch paper and string them on yarn or glue them together I such a way to make streamers for the house, fireplace mantel, and even your car to show some love for your country this year.

Have any other ideas for Fourth of July Decorations Kids Can Make? I’d love to hear them…