This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board, through my role as a Believer Blogger. However, All thoughts are my own.

Baby Girl's PreK Graduation

Is your child covered when it comes to their college education? If they are not currently enrolled in a Florida Prepaid College Plan, the answer is “no”. This year’s open enrollment ends on Feb. 29th, I wanted to share the special code that gets you a FREE gift when enrolling your child(ren) BLOG1516 AND I wanted to debunk some myths about Florida Prepaid College Plans.

Florida Prepaid College Plans Myths … Debunked!

You lose your money if your child doesn’t attend college or receives a scholarship

Each plan is guaranteed by the state of Florida, so your money will not be “lost”. You have options: a refund or transferring it to a family member.

Moving out of Florida after opening a plan affects the plan

Moving out of Florida does NOT affect the benefits of either plan. Your child will still be eligible for in-state tuition and fees when they attend a Florida College or State University with their plans.

Your child has to use their plan immediately after graduating

The child has up to 10 years from the projected enrollment year selected on the application.

There is a pre-payment penalty

There is no penalty for choosing to pay your Prepaid Plan off sooner.

Given how quickly the years pass from their PreK graduation to their High School graduation, there’s no time to waste. For more details or to get started, visit the Florida Prepaid College website.