Family Fun Town, located in Orange City, FL offers exactly what its name indicates, Family Fun.

Family Fun Town - Orange County Florida

After spending the day at Blue Spring State Park, my family and I went back to the hotel, showered and headed out to Family Fun Town where we enjoyed its various activities and had a fun time.

We started with the go-karts.  My hubby and I paired up with the kiddos since they were too small to drive and all was going well until my hubby decided to rear end my daughter and I with his go-kart (don’t worry, I got him back while playing balladium)

Family Fun Town go-karts TM2S

After racing around the track a few times we headed on back inside and checked out the balladium. This was my favorite part of the evening…and it had nothing to do with getting my hubby back. Inside the balladium, you shoot balls at Targets on the wall.  The team with the most points win.

Family Fun Town balladium TM2S

*When you have the room to yourself, you can even shoot at each other…I’m not saying I did it, but if I had this would have been the best time to get my hubby back.

My babies were too small for the batting cages, but had they been bigger they would have been all over it. So we played mini golf. We never seem to complete all holes but we do have fun playing the ones that we get too.

Family Fun Town mini golf TM2S

A you can there were also photo opps along the way.

We finished up our evening playing arcade games, which is my hubby and the kids always love and then headed back to the hotel.

Teach Me 2 Save Money, Time & Sanity Tip

  • Family Fun Town has various packages available that you should take advantage of depending on what you want to experience.

Note: My family and I were invited to Family Fun Town as guests by the West Volusia Tourism Bureau. However, all opinions are my own.