When Kia invited me to attend their 2018 Kia Rio press introduction I was all for it. Not only did that mean I would get to cross another state off my bucket list but I would also get to learn more about the 2018 Kia Rio and get to drive it around…and I did exactly that!

Driving the 2018 Kia Rio

As we made our way around Baltimore, we made a few stops to make the most of our time there. We spotted this sunflower garden where you could buy them for $1.00 each. I would have gone in for a cute selfie but with the bees around those sunflowers, I decided against it.

2018 Kia Rio in front of the sunflower patch R

Sunflower garden

I loved driving around what I assume is the “Country” over there. I was taking in sights I don’t really get to enjoy in South Florida, like this beautiful barn that I wanted to capture in a picture.

2018 Kia Rio in front of a barn R

We were driving up hills and seeing horses as we made our way to and from the hotel. It was beautiful. Before getting to the hotel, we made one final stop at the Westminster Hall and Burying Ground so that we could see where Edgar Allan Poe was buried.

Westminster Hall and Burying Ground - Edgar Allan Poe Tribute

Original burial place of Edgar Allan Poe

My time in Baltimore also included a baseball game!!! Don’t ask me who won because I was there for the food!

Baltimore Baseball Game

Because I didn’t find a really cool donut spot to stop at during our driving adventures, I was super excited that one of our dinners had a donut wall!!!! Because of this, I now need one in my life for every event..just saying.

My time in Baltimore driving the Kia Rio was amazing! I can’t wait to go back.

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