As a big fan of The Expendables 1, I couldn’t contain the excitement when I saw the trailer for Expendables 2. The Expendables part 1 had lots of action, fight scenes, explosions, cheesy one-liners, very little romance scenes and of course an all-star action hero cast. The Expendables 2 was no different…except it was way better. More action, more fight scenes, more explosions, more cheesy one-liners (most of which were pretty funny though), very little romance scenes and of course an even bigger all-star action hero cast. Basically the same guys as part 1 but now add Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Dam (as an awesome bad guy), Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger who actually play a little bit of a bigger role this time and get their hands dirty.

In my opinion, the plot doesn’t matter much for movies like these. However, I thought it was actually pretty original. The guys are reunited when Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) forces them to do simple job. When things go wrong, the Expendables try to get revenge on the bad guys and their leader. On top of that, they have to save some lives, save the world and as usual the odds are against them.

Bottom line: This movie is a great “Guys Night Out” movie. I suggest you grab some grub “after” the movie so you guys have something to talk about because after watching this flick, there is definitely no hugging it out or sharing of feelings. Just alot of grunting, scratching and punching each other in the arm.