My abuela Maria passed away when I was 15 years old and one of my fondest memories of her involve me going to her house, sitting on the couch with her and watching the Spanish show “El Chavo” (which I always referred to as El Chapulin Colorado). I didn’t understand much of what they were saying but I thought they were hilarious. After all, you have adults dressing up and acting as though they are kids.

el chavo

So when I saw that El Chavo was back on TV, as a cartoon, it reminded me of my grandma and all the happy times we had watching that show together.

el chavo cartoon

Now that the carton is out they also have El Chavo merchandise available and I went sent 2 products to review:

El Chavo Toys

My son immediately asked me to put on the hat and he looked so cute in it!  Don’t you think so?

El Chavo Hat

Being that this other one is a collectible I didn’t let my son get a hold of it despite his pleading.  I love being able to share my childhood memories with my kiddos.