As we were creating our Summer Bucket List, we were initially going to write down everything we wanted to do within a drawing on a poster board and check things off as we did them like my friend does with her girls (as seen here) BUT she can draw and I can’t. Taking that big factor into consideration, I got to thinking (which at times can be scary)…. What if we created our Summer Bucket List using an actual bucket because I can actually handle doing crafts.

The kids liked the idea and that is how this Easy DIY Bucket List came to be.

Easy DIY Bucket List - TM2S

It was a fun craft to help us kick off the summer and it looks super cute in our living room. The idea is to have a bucket filled with shovels, with each shovel representing a different bucket list item.

Summer Bucket List Craft Supplies

Summer Bucket List Craft

  • Bucket … This one happened to be on sale but depending on how many bucket list items you have, you may want to go with a slightly bigger bucket
  • Wet Foam Ball… easier to push the craft sticks into. Make sure it fits nicely into the bucket.
  • Wooden craft sticks … which I found at the Dollar Tree
  • 2×3 card stock paper OR you can print the ones I prepared for you here, they are in color so all you have to do is cut them out.
  • Permanent Markers … in various colors if possible
  • Scissors
  • Craft Bond Dot Runner

Summer Bucket List Craft Instructions

  • Cut out your paper shovel pieces 

Creating and cutting shovels for Summer Bucket List Craft

  • Write your bucket list items on the paper shovel pieces using a permanent marker … I let my daughter pick the color of the paper and marker
  • Use the Craft bond dot runner on the back side of the paper shovel and adhere a craft stick to it.

Glueing shovels for Summer Bucket List Craft

  • Place the wet foam ball in the bucket


  • Begin placing the shovels into the foam and arrange to your liking.

Shovels for Summer Bucket List Craft

*If your bucket doesn’t hold all of your shovels, you can leave them prepared and replace them with the ones you take out as you do them.

Once you complete a Summer Bucket List Item, simply remove the shovel from the bucket and leave the rest as is. I plan on storing the shovels as they are removed, just in case they want to do them again or we happen to use this again next summer.

This Easy DIY Bucket List is a cute and “easy” project that is fun to do as you chat about what you want to do over the summer.  I posted Summer Bucket List Ideas yesterday, so feel free to check that out if you are looking for ideas. If you give this a shot, let me a know and send me a picture…I’d love to see it.