Welcome to the ultimate Easter scavenger hunt extravaganza! Get ready to hop into a world of fun and excitement as we present you with the 50 best Easter scavenger hunt ideas. Whether you’re organizing an egg hunt for younger kids, older kids, or adults, or simply looking to add a creative twist to your Easter Sunday celebrations, these ideas are a fun way to make your event egg-ceptional. From a traditional Easter egg hunt to themed adventures, get ready to embark on an egg-citing journey filled with laughter, surprises, and memories to cherish for years to come!

Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

50 Best Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

  1. Classic Egg Hunt: Hide colorful plastic Easter eggs around your yard or venue for participants to find and put into their Easter baskets.
  2. Egg and Spoon Race: Participants balance an egg on a spoon while navigating through obstacles.
  3. Egg Carton Puzzle: write different clues on blank cards (that are cut up) and then place them inside plastic eggs, leading to a final grand prize hidden elsewhere.
  4. Bunny Hop Relay: Teams race while hopping like bunnies from one point to another.
  5. Easter Bunny Scavenger Hunt: Hide plush Easter bunnies in different locations for participants to discover.
  6. Easter Trivia Quest: Create trivia questions related to Easter traditions and history, leading to hidden prizes.
  7. Golden Egg Hunt: Hide one or more golden eggs filled with special prizes or place a golden ticket inside of regular plastic eggs for a chance to have them win fun prizes.
  8. Easter Egg Bingo: Players search for eggs with specific colors or patterns to mark off on their bingo cards.
  9. Easter Riddle Hunt: Craft riddles that lead to the location of hidden eggs or prizes.
  10. Easter Egg Tic-Tac-Toe: Use colored eggs as game pieces for a larger-than-life tic-tac-toe game.
  11. Easter Egg Memory Game: Participants flip over egg-shaped cards to find matching pairs.
  12. Easter Egg Toss: Teams toss plastic eggs to each other, trying not to drop or break them.
  13. Easter Egg Obstacle Course: Design a challenging course with egg-themed obstacles to navigate.
  14. Egg Decorating Station: Set up a station with various decorating supplies for participants to decorate eggs.
  15. Easter Egg Relay: Teams race to carry eggs on spoons to a designated spot and back.
  16. Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark: Conduct the hunt at night using glow-in-the-dark eggs.
  17. Easter Egg Hunt with Clues: Hide eggs along with clues that lead to the next hidden egg.
  18. Easter Egg Sculpture Contest: Provide materials for teams to build sculptures using eggs.
  19. Easter Egg Roll: Roll eggs down a slope and see whose egg travels the farthest.
  20. Easter Egg Hunt with Point System: Assign different point values to eggs based on color or size.
  21. Easter Egg Relay Race: Teams pass eggs using creative ways, such as spoons, ladles, or chopsticks.
  22. Easter Egg Memory Lane: Hide eggs with pictures or memories attached to them for participants to reminisce.
  23. Easter Egg Hunt with Alphabet Eggs: Hide eggs labeled with letters that spell out a word or phrase.
  24. Easter Egg Charades: Write actions or clues on eggs for participants to act out or guess.
  25. Easter Egg Hunt with Word Search: Hide eggs with letters on them, and participants must find and arrange them to form words.
  26. Easter Egg Bowling: Set up egg-shaped pins and use a larger egg as a bowling ball.
  27. Easter Egg Relay with Challenges: Teams must complete challenges at each station before moving on to find the next egg.
  28. Easter Egg Hunt with Codes: Encode clues on eggs using a cipher, and participants must decipher them to find the next location.
  29. Easter Egg Hunt with Rhymes: Write rhymes that hint at the location of hidden eggs.
  30. Easter Egg Hunt with Animal Tracks: Create animal footprints leading to the hidden eggs.
  31. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Musical Chairs: Play music while participants search for eggs, and when the music stops, they must grab an egg.
  32. Easter Egg Hunt with Nature Clues: Use natural elements like flowers or trees to guide participants to the hidden eggs.
  33. Easter Egg Relay with Water Balloons: Teams must carry eggs while dodging water balloons thrown by opponents.
  34. Easter Egg Hunt with Puzzle Pieces: Hide puzzle pieces inside eggs, and participants must find and assemble them to reveal a picture or message.
  35. Easter Egg Hunt with Treasure Map: Provide participants with a map leading to the hidden eggs.
  36. Easter Egg Hunt with Obstacle Challenges: Participants must complete physical challenges to earn clues to the hidden eggs.
  37. Easter Egg Hunt with Technology: Use augmented reality or QR codes to lead participants to the hidden eggs.
  38. Easter Egg Hunt with Costumes: Participants dress up as Easter-themed characters while searching for eggs.
  39. Easter Egg Hunt with Photo Clues: Provide participants with photos hinting at the location of hidden eggs.
  40. Easter Egg Hunt with Relay Puzzles: Teams must complete puzzle pieces relay-style to reveal the location of the hidden eggs.
  41. Easter Egg Hunt with DIY Map: Participants create their own maps to guide them to the hidden eggs.
  42. Easter Egg Hunt with Countdown: Set a time limit for participants to find as many eggs as possible before time runs out.
  43. Easter Egg Hunt with Roleplay: Participants take on roles (such as detectives or explorers) while searching for eggs.
  44. Easter Egg Hunt with Silly String: Participants must use silly string to locate hidden eggs.
  45. Easter Egg Hunt with Puzzle Boxes: Hide eggs inside puzzle boxes, and participants must solve the puzzles to access them.
  46. Easter Egg Hunt with Trivia Challenges: Answering Easter-related trivia questions reveals the locations of hidden eggs.
  47. Easter Egg Hunt with Treasure Chest: Hide eggs inside a treasure chest, and participants must solve riddles to unlock it.
  48. Easter Egg Hunt with Relay Races: Teams race to find eggs while completing relay challenges.
  49. Easter Egg Hunt with DIY Compass: Participants create their own compasses to navigate to the hidden eggs.
  50. Easter Egg Hunt with Surprise Eggs: Hide surprise-filled eggs containing small prizes or candies.


  • Consider filling some of the easter eggs with positive affirmations, bible verses other Easter treats. 
  • If the weather isn’t cooperating, consider doing an indoor scavenger hunt
  • Modify the clues and rhymes based on their age group or grade level. 

And there you have it—50 egg-cellent Easter scavenger hunt ideas to make your celebration unforgettable!  As you embark on your Easter festivities, remember that the joy of the holiday lies not only in the hunt itself but in the memories created with loved ones. Whether you opt for a traditional egg hunt, a themed adventure, or a virtual scavenger hunt, the spirit of Easter is all about celebration, togetherness, and the joy of discovery.  So, gather your friends and your entire family, don your bunny ears, and let the annual Easter egg hunt begin! Happy hunting and Happy Easter!

What other fun Easter egg hunt ideas have you incorporated into your festivities?

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