With Garanimals, moms can keep their kids looking cute (and fashionable) without stretching their budget.

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When my kiddos were younger, I quickly learned that their clothes would get dirty repeatedly or they would outgrow an outfit Very quickly. Once I learned that lesson (the hard way), I was always on the lookout for clothes that were Comfortable, Fashionable & Affordable. So when I found myself at Walmart, I made my way on over to the Garanimals clothing.

There I found various pants, shorts, skirts and shirts that could be interchanged. So, not only did the items themselves not cost a lot of money (which is awesome) but I was also able to create more outfits out of the items I purchased (Sweet!).

Garanimals’ mix-and-match styles are carefully designed to provide newborns, infants, and toddlers with affordable, comfortable, and stylish clothes—which means quality, value, and ease of shopping for parents. Garanimals, sold exclusively at Walmart stores and at Walmart.com, is made for newborns as well as young children (up to 5T).

As children keep growing, Garanimals offers 365Kids: the latest styles from Garanimals for bigger kids, up to size 8. This is great because my kids are still going through a growth spurt and always seem to get their clothes dirty! It’s never ending. Plus, why pay more for clothing when you don’t have to.

What Garanimal Clothing have you purchased for your kiddos?