My husband was recently offered a promotion that would have involved a move to Chicago. Unfortunately, he had to pass on the offer because it wasn’t a good fit for our family. We are very happy with where we are living; we have our family and good friends here, we love our church (our church family) and the kids are in a good school. Not to mention that it gets too cold in Chicago and I am definitely not a fan of the cold! But when he was offered the job I really had no idea how beautiful Downtown Chicago was.

Chicago View from Hyatt McCormick

It wasn’t until I visited there this past weekend while attending a conference that I was able to see its beauty (You may have seen the pics if you were following along through my Instagram). I think I was shocked about how pretty Downtown Chicago was. Thankfully the weather was perfect until my last day there and then it was a bit too cold for me.

Chicago 7 - tm2s

As I walked through the streets of Downtown Chicago trying to get from event to event, I was reminded of a milder and cleaner version of New York (No offense New York lovers). Why you ask? The buildings were high which created a beautiful skyline and some of the streets were almost as congested/busy as the streets of New York City. Maybe the cooler weather also added to that feeling as well.

Chicago 8 - tm2s

I got to go to Millennium Park (Post coming soon) and it had quite a few things to see and experience for FREE and while I missed out on trying Garrett’s famous popcorn, I did get to try a deep dish pizza from Giordano’s and it was yummy!

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza - tm2s

There is so much to see and do in Downtown Chicago that I am sad I didn’t get the chance to do them all while I was there. On the other hand, it worked out or the best because it gives me a reason to go back and experience all it has to offer with my family.

Chicago 2

Downtown Chicago is Beautiful and I know I’ll be back…

Chicago 4 - tm2s