I love a good Right Left game but I wanted to customize it for a Ladies Ornament Exchange at my church I was hosting, so I came up with this Customizable Right Left Game and I wanted to share it with you all. All you need to do is fill in the blanks and there you go, it is customized for your event.

Right Left Game

Here’s how you play:

Form a circle and pass the gift(s) to the right when you hear the word RIGHT and to the left when you hear the word LEFT. Once the story is over, the one holding the gift(s) gets to keep them. It does not have to be one big circle, this can be done at individual tables as well.

Customizable Right Left Game

Mrs. RIGHT was excited to be on her way to the ___________________ (name of your Event). She was so excited that while driving, she took a RIGHT turn instead of a LEFT and then got really lost when she accidentally made another LEFT instead of a RIGHT and another RIGHT. Thankfully Mrs. RIGHT LEFT with enough time that she arrived RIGHT before the event began but then she realized that she LEFT her ________(an object) at home. Honestly, after the day she had, Mrs. RIGHT wasn’t in her RIGHT mind.

So, Mrs. RIGHT LEFT the ___________________ (The name of your Event) and went RIGHT back home to get the ________(object you inserted above), which was sitting RIGHT where she had LEFT it. Not wanting to miss anything, Mrs. RIGHT LEFT RIGHT back to the event and picked up where she LEFT off.

Finally settled in, she was RIGHT where she needed to be, with like-minded individuals, enjoying ________, _________ and ________. Oh, Mrs. RIGHT was also looking forward to doing games with __________(Insert your name)…and RIGHTly so.

Not wanting the fun to end, all of the ladies who sat to the RIGHT and LEFT of Mrs. RIGHT decided to go eat ________(food item) together so they LEFT RIGHT after saying goodbye to everyone to go to the LEFTy RIGHTy Cafe.

They reminisced about how great the ___________________ (name of your Event) was and ordered the LEFTy RIGHTy Cafe Special. It was so good that they ate it RIGHT up until there was nothing LEFT.  Mrs. RIGHT had a great time that night and could not wait for the next ___________________ (Insert the name of your Event).

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Right Left Game