While attending the BlogHer Food Conference in Downtown, Miami this weekend I dined at the City Hall the Restaurant and it was delicious! So much so that after eating lunch there with fellow bloggers on Friday for lunch, my family and I went back to eat there again the next day. Yes, it was that good!

City Hall the Restaurant - TM2S

The first time I went there I ordered the Grilled skirt steak with tri-color couscous, kalamata olives, crumbled goat cheese and tomato-coriander vinaigrette. It had such an amazing flavor to it and it was still so juicy despite being “well done”. Despite it being a big portion, I ate every last bit of it and I’ve got to tell you that I savored every bite!

City Hall Grilled skirt steak - TM2S

While I was looking at the menu, the House Blend Meatloaf with chorizo-maple mac and cheese, crispy onions, and natural gravy caught my attention but I couldn’t pass up the chance to eat skirt steak.

City Hall Menu - TM2S

I couldn’t get the chorizo-maple mac and cheese out of my mind though….so, I ended up ordering a side order of it. It was so worth ordering!

We wanted to celebrate a late Mother’s Day dinner with my mother-in-law, who lives in Miami, and after my husband saw the menu he really wanted to go there. I had no objections since my first experience there was so good. So off we went…

The Host was so friendly and he actually remembered me from the day before. Thankfully, we were seated fairly quickly, especially for a Saturday night. Before ordering, we were served with their warm delicious bread that comes with their honey pecan butter (I don’t even like pecans and I loved it).

City Hall Bread with Honey Pecan Butter - TM2S B

This time my husband and I opted for the House Blend Meatloaf (I wanted to try it plus, I wanted that macaroni again). We got our food really quick and it was such a big portion that we both were able to share with my mother-in-law.

City Hall Meatloaf - TM2S

My kids ordered off the kids menu (prices range between $7.00 & $8.50) and they both ordered the grilled chicken and french fries.

City Hall Grilled Chicken for Kids - TM2S

Afterwards, the kids both got ice cream sundaes. They were yummy…I had to try it to give my honest opinion, don’t judge.

City Hall Ice Cream Sundae - tm2s

For the amount of food you get and given how delicious it all is, the City Hall the Restaurant is reasonably priced. It is well worth the money!

We all loved eating at the City Hall the Restaurant. If we lived closer, we’d be eating there A LOT!!!!