We would do anything to make our kid’s birthday party special. At the end of it all, seeing our kiddo smile while enjoying their special milestone makes the stress of prepping for and hosting a birthday party worth it. BUT…why should we put ourselves through all that when we can have someone else do all of that for us?

Imagine your child enjoying their birthday with family and friends while getting to enjoy it with them without having anything to worry about except taking pictures (but even then, you can ask someone at the party to do that for you, LOL). It is possible…at Chuck E. Cheese.

Chuck E. Cheese and the kiddos

7 Reasons A Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party Rocks

  • No need to purchase invitations, they provide them to you. All you need to do is fill them in give them to everyone on your list.
  • They provide an event host that keeps everything moving smoothly. They’ll let you know when it’s pizza time and birthday cake time so you and your guest can enjoy fun time.
  • They set up the party and clean everything after. No more stressful set up, no more cleaning up your house, backyard or park after a party.


Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party Goodies

  • No food prep. You order the food you’d like and they prepare it and serve it.


  • If you don’t feel like stopping at a store to get the cake or pinata…you can purchase them there (vanilla or chocolate cakes available…my favorite was the chocolate).

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Cake

  • It’s safe. Chuck E. Cheese has a wristband/hand stamp system to make sure all kids leave with who they came in with.
  • Last but certainly not least, both the children and the adults can have fun!

Chuck E. Cheese Slide

Hubby on Chuck E. Cheese Ride

Let’s elaborate on that last point because that is a biggy.  There’s so much to do and enjoy while you are at Chuck E. Cheese…

  • As part of the Chuck E. Cheese birthday party experience, the birthday boy or girl gets to be a part of the Show…after all, they are the guest of honor.

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party Show

  • The kiddos can take a picture with Chuck E. Cheese

Fernandez Family with Chuck E. Cheese

  • The Ticket Blaster which is pretty awesome and is for both adults and kids

  • Tokens and a ton of games to enjoy

Chuck E. Cheese Rides 2

  • Kids can cash in their tickets from the games to get fun prizes

Inside of Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese Prizes

Ok, so if you add these to the 7 reasons Chuck e. Cheese rocks, you actually have 12 reasons. So…

12 Reasons A Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party Rocks

What are you waiting for? Book a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party for your child’s next birthday!