Attending the Christopher Robin World Premiere this past Monday night was a real treat! As sweet as Pooh’s Hunny? Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Leanette Fernandez on the Christopher Robin Red Carpet

Christopher Robin World Premiere

Unlike my past premiere experiences, this one was on the Disney lot (a first for me) and it was much more relaxing which matched perfectly with the relaxed setting of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Christopher Robin World Premiere Entrance

There were so many special touches that made it all come together.

Christopher Robin World Premiere Decoration

After making my way across the red carpet, I headed on over for a picture with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse which was really cool because they have never been on any of the premieres I have been to. I guess you can say that they were my first celeb picture of the night.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

While there was yummy food, I opted to look for the celebrities in attendance so I could get a picture with them. As much as I love eating, I have my priorities! I had spotted Angela Bassett getting her Christopher Robin World Premiere Badges and given that I am a fan, I knew I wanted to get a picture with her.

Angela Bassett

Someone told me that they spotted John Stamos at the premiere, so of course I was on a mission.

John Stamos

Given my love for Eeyore, I loved being able to get a photo with Brad Garrett who does his voice (perfectly) in this film.

Got myself another picture with Tori Spelling as well.

Tori Spelling

I had interviewed him earlier that day (interview up on the blog soon) but I found a moment to grab a quick pic with Director Marc Forster.

Marc Forster

She was so sweet during our interviews that I had to ask Bronte Carmichael for a quick selfie (she plays Madeline Robin, Christopher Robin’s daughter in the movie).

Bronte Carmichael

I also got a picture with 2 of my favorite Disney Channel actors, Jenna Ortega and Skai Jackson.

Jenna Ortega and Skai Jackson

Rainy Milo, a British musician, was also in attendance and looked beautiful.

Rainy Milo

I was grateful to have gotten a photo of the legendary Richard Sherman, who happen to write 2 new songs for this film. He and his late brother, Robert, were responsible for more motion picture musical song scores than any other songwriting team in film history. They’re most popular song being “It’s a Small World (After All)”.

Richard Sherman

Fun fact: They had actually just renamed one of the Disney Lot stages after The Sherman Brothers which was really sweet!

Sherman Brothers Stage

Of course, it was time to watch Christopher Robin, for the second time (which I enjoyed even more than the first time).

Christopher Robin Movie Screening

While I will have my official thoughts on the film in an upcoming post, here is my initial reaction to the film…

While in LA, I also had the chance to interview the cast of Christopher Robin, so be sure to check back for my interviews with Ewan McGregor (“Christopher Robin”), Hayley Atwell (“Evelyn Robin”), Bronte Carmichael (“Madeline Robin”), Jim Cummings (voice of “Winnie the Pooh” & “Tigger”) and Director Marc Forster.

The Christopher Robin World Premiere was so much fun! Don’t forget that Christopher Robin is in theaters on August 3rd.

Christopher Robin Movie Poster