Now that I have a family of my own, I am all about creating traditions that I hope the kiddos will cherish as much as I do. For birthdays, I typically make the kids cinnamon rolls for breakfast and get their portraits taken. During the school year, I get ice cream with the kids for “surviving” another school week. At Christmas…well, when it comes to Christmas we have quite a few.

Our Christmas Traditions…

Buying our Christmas Tree with my dad’s side of the family followed by dinner together.


Christmas tree shopping with the family has been happening since before Art and I had our first child together (although not pictured here0. We tend to wear festive shirts and after choosing the perfect tree (and taking a photo with it), all of the families get together and ask someone to snap a picture of all of us. Through the years, the kiddos have gotten older and the family has expanded.

Taking Christmas Portraits


One of the things I look forward to the most during Christmas is taking our family Christmas portraits. It is something that we have been doing since the kids were born which means I get to see just how much they have grown up with each passing year (and feel older in the process). Here’s a look at this year’s portraits.


***You can see more of this year’s Christmas Portraits here.

Decorating our Christmas tree with photo ornaments

There was a time that I would color coordinate the ornaments or come up with a theme but once we had the kids I wanted it to have a personal feel so I started using photo ornaments. Each year I add on to the ornaments, typically using our Christmas Portraits. I love taking them out and looking at how much the kids have changed over the years. The kiddos get a kick out of seeing their “baby” photos and they each get to hang up the ornaments with their photos on them.

Drinking hot chocolate and eating cinnamon rolls while we look at the decorated Christmas tree


After the ornaments are up, the star has been put on top of the tree and we have turned on the lights to see the final product, we sit down near the tree and drink hot chocolate while eating cinnamon rolls to enjoy it.

Driving around to see Christmas Lights


We love seeing the houses all it up, so we drive around in the hopes of seeing some cool ones (even though there are less houses that go all out these days). We even make a stop at a local church to see a big Christmas light display that is in sync with Christmas songs.

Taking a picture with Santa

Although we have missed a couple of years, we try to take a picture with Santa when we can. After standing in line for an hour for a free picture with Santa and a free Christmas frame, we got this year’s picture with Santa (andit was worth it).


Christmas Eve with the family

Christmas Eve, Noche Buena, is a big deal for Hispanics (though I am not sure why). It involves a big celebration with family and friends, music, dancing and lots and lots of food (which of course involves Lechon, a pork).

Putting out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve

We have attempted to make homemade cookies for Santa and failed. So, if we have pre-made cookie batter well’ use that but if not, store bought cookies it is. If we have them, we’ll also leave carrots out for the reindeers (but this year we’ll be using lettuce because I totally forgot to get carrots)


Drinking hot chocolate and eating cinnamon rolls while we open gifts

Since we have family over for breakfast after we open our gifts, I make us hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls for us to eat to tide us over until breakfast.

Christmas morning breakfast at our house


After opening gifts, some of my family comes over and we enjoy Christmas breakfast together

What are some your favorite Christmas Traditions?

The Holiday season means spending time with family and going to and from various festivities, so even our Kia Sedona got into the Holiday Spirit. We chose a reindeer look for the Sedona since it has been our “sleigh” as we do most of our Christmas Traditions.

*I love partnering with Kia and driving the Sedona because it helps make these family activities and Christmas traditions possible. Especially when it gives me the space I need for my family, extended family and all of the other things I have to lug around during the holidays.