I have always loved the clothing from The Children’s Place because it is both stylish and affordable (2 features that go exceptionally well together). That being the case, I was thrilled at the opportunity attend The Children’s Place blogger event last Friday, 8/12/11.

Being that it is summer vacation, I took the kids along with me (Yikes!).  While my little man (who will soon be 3) only seemed to care about running around the store, my daughter (who recently turned 5) was overjoyed that we were going shopping (especially for something other than groceries).

Shopping at The Children’s Place was particularly exciting for my baby girl because she is going through a stage where she feels the need to change every 5 minutes, constantly do her hair (or mine) and put on a ton of jewelry.   I am not sure where she gets this from because it definitely isn’t from me, so selecting her outfits is sometimes frustrating.  Especially when she only wants to wear skirts or dresses, unless, she puts a pair of leggings on underneath it.  So imagine my delight when I got to The Children’s Place and found out that layering clothing is actually the style this fall.  I admit that I was quite impressed by my daughters sense of fashion….

The kids really enjoyed trying stuff on (that of course we ended up getting)…

The hard part was choosing what to buy, there is so much to choose from and with most of the items being on sale I am not sure how I was able to control myself.  By the way, if your child will be wearing uniforms to school this year, they have those too!

When we got home with that blue bag full of Goodies, I had my models try on some of their clothes.  They got really into it…..as you can tell.

I’d like to say THANK YOU The Children’s Place, on behalf of myself and my kiddos, for providing us with a gift card to purchase these fashionable clothes my little models will be wearing.  

My opinion is my own and is an honest view of my experience. The Children’s Place was not involved in the writing of this post.