If you hate hearing the words “I’m bored” from your kids, especially while you’re on vacation, you’re going to want to take a cruise aboard the Carnival Breeze.  There’s so much to do aboard the ship that no one in your family (no matter how old they are) will be bored while you are on there. When my family and I took our cruise aboard the Carnival Breeze this past September there was so much for us to do.

Carnival Breeze Potato Head

Before we boarded the ship, I was nervous about keeping the kiddos entertained, especially on sea days, but I had no reason to be.  They actually had more fun aboard the ship then they did while we were doing the excursions on each island. Not that I blame them!

Carnival Breeze Camp Carnival Fun

They had a blast in Camp Carnival because there were so many activities for them to enjoy.  My 5 year old would cry when we’d drop him off but then he didn’t want to leave when we went to pick him up. My 7 year old wanted to be there ALL the time.

Carnival Breeze Camp Carnival Fun 2

When the kiddos weren’t in Camp Carnival, we were able to enjoy activities together as a family.  Not only did the Carnival Breeze Staff have fun activities planned out for each day, there was also lots for us to do on our own.

We played Miniature Golf a few times…

Carnival Breeze Golf

We of course went swimming in the pool.

Carnival Breeze Pool

My daughter and I enjoyed the BIG water slides while my son went down the smaller one in the kids section.

Carnival Breeze Water Slide

Carnival Breeze Water Works Slide

The adventurer in me couldn’t resist the sky course which was both cool and nerve wracking considering I was walking a tightrope (with a safety harness) up in the sky while it was windy (but the view from up there was awesome).  Each section of the course provides 2 options, so I actually did the course twice so that I could do the ones I hadn’t done the first time around. I loved it!

Carnival Breeze Sky Course

One of our favorite spots was the Library Bar. You are able to borrow books and games while you enjoy a drink or you can do what we did and take it back to your cabin.

Carnival Breeze Library Bar Fun

Aboard the Carnival Breeze, you can also enjoy the arcade room and basketball courts, and All for FREE. At night, you can watch a movie by the pool and they even have popcorn for you. With all that there is to do, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Carnival Breeze Family Pic

Disclosure: My family and I were invited aboard the Carnival Breeze in order to experience it and share it with you fabulous readers. This does not change the fat that ALL opinions are my own. We had a great time and we are looking forward to another cruise.