While attending the Hispanicize conference this week, I had the chance to see my long time celebrity crush, Carlos Ponce. He was receiving a Latinovator Award and I was thankful to be able to get a quick picture with him. Needless to say, I was ecstatic!!! As soon as I snapped that pic with him I immediately wished I had put on make up and then of course uploaded it to Facebook. My long time friends understood why I was so happy…it’s because I have had a celebrity crush on him for over 18 years.

Carlos Ponce

My crush on Carlos Ponce began when he was a co-host of the Spanish television show, Control (I should mention that when I took a picture with him I reminded him of how we knew each other and I reference the wrong show name…oh yes, I messed it up). We met because my step father made their show t-shirts and I would go with him to drop them off. The first time I met Carlos Ponce and he smiled at me, I was instantly hooked.

I can remember a time Carlos left a message for my step father (back when we had answering machines) and he mentioned me (maybe because it was my birthday or something like that) and after almost having a heart attack, I replayed it over and over again (don’t judge me…I was 16 years old…LOL). I also made everyone listen to it, especially my best friend Lissette…she still laughs at me about it til this day.

18 years later, he is still my celebrity crush.

Who is your celebrity crush? Have you met them?

Please share in the comment section.