Making Christmas ornaments can be fun and inexpensive, and if you’re the type that likes to recycle you can make ornaments from a variety of objects. Making Christmas Decorations from leftover cardboard, however, may not have crossed your mind- but it can be done.  Check out these 4 Fabulous Cardboard Christmas Decorations You Can Make On Your Own.

Cardboard Christmas Decorations

Cookie Cutter Shaped Ornaments

Use cookie cutters to trace shapes onto an old cardboard box and cut them out. Paint each one and decorate them with ribbons, buttons, seashells, pebbles, and any other items you can find to make them pop and standout. The 3-D items will make the cardboard look like wooden pieces and not simply cardboard. Place a hook through the top to hang on the tree.

Cardboard Snowflake Ornament


Every snowflake is different, and each Christmas tree is unique, too. Make your tree even more special by making snowflakes out of thin pieces of cardboard, spray paint them white, and decorate them with glitter. These will make the snowflakes look flashy and sophisticated, and not like cardboard at all. Sprinkle a couple of these throughout your tree for added effect.


Top off your decorating with even more cardboard because you can make a fantastic topper from cardboard if you find a sturdy and large enough piece. Draw a large bow onto the cardboard, cut it out, and spray paint it any color you choose, then decorate it with actual ribbon and drape pieces of ribbon down the tree to make the whole thing look lush and full. Using wired ribbon will help bend the ribbon to the shape you desire.

Toilet paper and Paper towel roll garlands

Those cardboard rolls in the center of a roll of toilet paper and paper towels can be great for making chain-link style garland. Simply lay them flat and cut them into sections (keeping them closed by not cutting them down the center) and spray paint the smaller ones (made from the toilet paper rolls) white. Then, spray paint the larger ones (made from the towel rolls) black. Sprinkle them with glitter and allow them to dry. Then, snip the smaller pieces open and link them through the larger pieces, taping them closed again, to form a chain that can be used as garland.

Have fun making Cardboard Christmas Decorations! If you do get around to making them, send us a pic 🙂