Call Your Mother is headed to ABC and after watching the first episode, I am hooked! Even more so after attending a cast interview last night. Kari Lizer (creator & executive producer), Kyra Sedgwick (Jean Raines), Patrick Brammall (Danny), Emma Caymares (Celia), Joey Bragg (Freddie Raines), Rachel Sennott (Jackie Raines), and Austin Crute (Lane) were all in attendance. Not only did I get to witness the chemistry they share in person (which translates on screen) but I picked up a few to share with you.

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17 Call Your Mother Fun Facts

  • Jean’s experience is based on the creator Kari Lizer‘s empty-nester experience.
  • This series takes place in a post covid world but they do reference it in the show.
  • This is Kyra Sedgwick‘s first multi-camera comedy and went on to say that drama is easy but comedy is hard.
  • They weren’t able to do the table reads like they normally do.
  • Just like his character in the show, Joey Bragg failed Spanish 1 three times.
  • Austin Crute says that Lane and Jean connect so well because they are both new to L.A.
  • Patrick Brammall was surprised that they actually incorporated his Australian accent.
  • They are hoping that the audience laughs, especially with all that is going in the world right now.
  • Expect relationship news for these characters throughout the season.
  • Freddie and Celia are pretty solid in their relationship.
  • Jean and Danny aren’t free to pursue the relationship the way they want because technically Danny is still married.
  • When asked why Kari chose Iowa for Jean’s home state, she mentioned that it was because she loves it there and offers a stark contrast to LA.
  • The dog Ripper on the show acts as a therapy dog but isn’t. Oh, and his actual name is Orbit, and is a 5-year-old actor dog.
  • If you are hoping that Kevin Bacon makes a cameo on the show, Kyra let us know that it most likely won’t be happening.
  • Sherri Shephard and Kyra Sedgwick had instant chemistry and you will also see a lot more of her. Actually, she’s in 9 of the 13 episodes.
  • All of the cast agreed that Kyra gives good advice and is also a cool hang.
  • Before they had an actual theme song for the show, they would create their own musical numbers…not all that well, but they did it anyway.

Call Your Mother premieres Wednesday, January 13th at 9:30pm ET/PT on ABC.

About Call Your Mother

call your mother

From the creator of “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” “Call Your Mother” follows Jean, an empty-nester mom, who wonders how she ended up alone while her children live their best lives thousands of miles away. She decides her place is with her family, and as she reinserts herself into their lives, her kids realize they might actually need her more than they thought.