After watching the season premiere episode of Baby Daddy AND seeing them film another episode, I realized I have been missing out! Why have I not been watching this show all along? It is FUNNY!!!

Not only do they have a great group of writers, but it’s cast is AWESOME! (Interviews, group photos and selfies with the cast will be up on the blog next week).

While in LA, I was able to visit the set of Baby Daddy to explore the set and interview its cast.

My Baby Daddy Set Visit Experience

Once we did our interviews, we were able to explore the Baby Daddy Set, enjoy…

The Living Area

Baby Daddy Set Visit 3

Baby Daddy Set Visit 2

Baby Daddy Set Visit 4

The Play Area

Baby Daddy Set Play Area

The Bedroom

Baby Daddy Set Bedroom

The Kitchen

Baby Daddy Set Visit 1

The Bathroom

Baby Daddy Set Bathroom

The Apartment Elevator and Hallway

Baby Daddy Set Apartment Lobby

There was a special guest star filming so, I got to take a selfie with Eddie Cibrian as well.

Eddie Cibrian and Leanette Fernandez


Baby Daddy is a half hour ABC Family comedy series centered around the life of Ben, a young bartender who finds out that he is a father when his ex-girlfriend leaves their baby on his doorstep. Ben raises baby Emma with the help of his brother Danny, his mother Bonnie, and his best friends Tucker and Riley. The show stars Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Ben, Tahj Mowery as Tucker, Derek Theler as Danny, Melissa Peterman as Bonnie, and Chelsea Kane as Riley.

Be sure to tune into ABC Family when Baby Daddy returns on Wednesday, 1/14 at 8:30pm EST, just after the season premier of Melissa & Joey.