A Week Away is a cute film about a teen who takes a leap of faith and attends a bible summer camp that changes his life. I recently had the chance to chat with some of its cast, Bailee Madison (Avery), Kevin Quinn (Will), Jahbril Cook (George), and Kat Conner Sterling (Presley). Of course, they shared A Week Away Fun Facts during the press event that I want to now share with you.

A Week Away Fun Facts

A Week Away Fun Facts

Bailee always wanted to do a musical, so she was excited to be a part of this project.

They had 16 hour rehearsal days for 3 weeks.

They filmed in 5 weeks.

Everything was done at the camp, even recording the film’s soundtrack.

Kevin got really sick with bronchitis while filming, so they had to use a stunt double for some scenes, so if you see a scene where you just see his shoulder, that could be the stunt double.

Jahbril also had a stunt double who filled in in the dodgeball scene (although Jahbril was allowed to film that scene a few times).

The dock scene was shot on the first day of filming. Plus, they used the sunset lighting as sunrise lighting.

A Week Away

There was a scene where Will and George go into Sean’s cabin and do a prank on him but it was to “mean” and they removed it from the film.

They also filmed a ziplining scene that didn’t make it in the final cut.

Bailee is actually a producer on the film. So, being a part of post production on this film was a first for her.

The cast got along so well that they all actually still keep in touch (especially Bailee and Kat)

A Week Away is now available on Netflix!

More about A Week Away

A troubled teenager takes a leap of faith by attending summer camp, where he finds love, friends, and a place to belong.