What do you get someone who loves video games? A Game Truck of course! So, we did just that to celebrate my little man turning 11 years old. Seeing the smile on his face when we told him he’d be getting a game truck was nothing compared to the smile he had when he walked into the game truck. He was so excited!

boy playing video game inside game truck

How could he not be when 3D’s Mobile Gaming Game Truck comes equipped with AC and a ton of video games to choose from.

2 boys playing video games

Boys playing video games

kids playing video games

His guests were also thrilled! They all had a blast while the parents sat back and relaxed. Well, most of them…the others, well they either played inside the truck or outside.

adult and children in a game truck

With 2 TV’s on the exterior, the girls claimed it as their own with Just Dance Battles. Of course I had to represent the adults but I won’t tell you who won because winning isn’t the most important thing (and because I lost every round I did except for 1).

Girls dancing

Did I mention that the game truck also comes to you? Whether it is a birthday party or corporate event, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Especially with 3DS Mobile Gaming. Their game truck offers more than others in South Florida because those playing have access to virtual reality. Yep, you can step into the Virtual world during your time on their truck.

Kids playing VR Game

Needless to say, they all had a great time!

kids inside a game truck

Boys smiling inside a game truck

Girls playing connect four

A special thank you to 3D’s Mobile Gaming for partnering with me to help make my son’s 9th birthday one he will never forget. Interested in learning more or booking them for your next event? If so, you can check out their website.

Mobile Game Truck