of the stops on the #DisneyInHomeBloggers Press Trip I took to L.A was the Animation Research Library, a state-of-the-art preservation and storage facility for Disney’s precious artwork. It was a privilege to get a behind the scenes tour because it is not open to the public and is actually situated in a top secret location. Interesting huh?
Well here are some more Interesting Facts about it:

  • It was once known as “The Morgue”.
  • It is home to 60 and 65 million pieces of artwork.

  • It is composed of 4 teams: Collection, Research, Digital & Design.

  • Their mission is to preserve art as best as possible while keeping it accessible.

  • They scan the artwork by using cameras so that they can protect the art work.  It is scanned in very high quality so that it can be used in the future without having to do it again.

  • They have a feature films vault that houses 1937 – 1977 release dates personally overseen by Walt Disney himself such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Winnie the Pooh.

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  • Has an amazing security system that offers climate control, a fire suppression system that will reduce the oxygen in the room to suffocate it within a minute.
  • It holds the original artwork for Cinderella, 72 Binders full of sketches. Plus there are also up to 27 other binders that contain miscellaneous sketches that need to be organized and put in order.

Fun Fact: Did you know that in the late 40’s Disney was 4 million dollars in debt (which for that time was substantial) and the movie Cinderella cost 2.9 million dollars to make. Thankfully Cinderella brought in 85 million dollars in the 50’s. If it wasn’t for its success, who knows what would have happened.

Disclosure: I attended the #DisneyInHomeBloggers Press Trip as a guest and all of my travel, lodging and meal expenses were covered by them. No other compensation was received. However, all opinions/thoughts are 100% my own.