It’s that time of year again! That time when you have set resolutions about saving money this upcoming year but may not have settled on how to do that just yet. Well, I am here to help! Consider doing the 52 Week Money Challenge or the Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge to help you save money. They are both great and easy ways to help you save $1378.00 next year.

If that is the route you decide to take (because it is super easy to do), here is the 52 Week Money Challenge Schedule for 2021 you can reference to help you stay on track. Simply click on the link (so it gets larger) and print.

52 Week Money Challenge Details

52 Week Money Challenge

Each week of the year, you save a designated amount (based in the week #) and by the end of the year, you will have saved $1378.00 (that doesn’t include any interest it may accrue if you deposit it into a savings account).

So on week #1, you deposit $1. On week #5, $5, week #17 $17, week 34 $34, week #45 $45 and so on and so forth.

Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge

You could also work backwards and start with an initial savings of $52 so that it only gets smaller as the year goes on. You start with the highest amount and work your way down (Week #1: $52.00, Week #2: $51.00, Week #3: $50.00, etc.). Plus, with that initial amount you could deposit it immediately into a savings account since you need a certain amount to get an account opened.

Another option…

You could also consider putting in double the amount each week, so you have double the amount at the end of the year.

Want to Keep Track Of Your Savings? Simply print out the schedule and cross off each week as you go along.

If you want, you can also Pin this 52 Week Money Challenge Schedule for 2021 for later!

Organizing your Finances…

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