This is a sponsored post on behalf of Bowlero Miami as part of the #AsiCelebramos campaign with Dime Media.


Family time is important. Keeping family time fun is a great way to ensure that we create memories that we will cherish. Considering how unpredictable the weather is (either too hot or raining), having an indoor activity we can enjoy is key, which is why we enjoy bowling.


Bowling is ideal for family fun because…

  • It’s Fun!
  • It provides hours of entertainment.
  • Gets your family active while being indoors.
  • Teachable moments. (Taking turns, supporting one another, patience)
  • You can enjoy it no matter what the weather conditions are.

It was actually raining off and on as we made our way on over to the Grand Opening of Bowlero Miami at Dolphin mall last Saturday. Thankfully the weather put no damper on our family fun.


While we were at Bowlero Miami there we…

***Bowled 2 games that I am not proud of.


***Played laser tag in which I came in 3rd place for in our team. I guess I should also mention that my husband placed 1st place on our team or I’ll never hear the end of it.




It was a great way for my family and I to spend some quality time together…even if I did play horribly. Practice makes perfect, so I guess we’ll need to go back.