Here are 5 Money Saving Tips you can try when booking your travel

  • Check the Main Travel Sites:  Check sites like,, or Kayak to get a base line as to where to start your travel search because they offer discounts themselves for using their preferred hotel or rental car chain.
  • Call the Car Rental, Airline, or Hotel Directly: Try and negotiate with them over the phone. Maybe even mention better deals you found somewhere else to see if they can match or beat it.
  • Check Wholesale Clubs like BJ’s: After you have a base line for prices using the main travel sites, you should check out wholesale clubs either online or in the store to see if they have any packages that match where you want to go.   You can usually save up to 40% (Plus, if you happen to book a vacation through BJ’s, members can take advantage of exclusive savings and get up to a $200 rebate.)
  • Check with Your Employer: Many employers offer travel discounts to employees, especially large companies that partner with airlines and/or hotels. It never hurts to ask.

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  • Check With Your Credit Card Companies: CC companies like American Express are widely known to offer travel discounts to their card members, several other credit card companies offer travel services and discounts as well. (On a side note, I wouldn’t recommend using your credit card to pay for your trip unless you already have the money saved to pay it all back once you get the bill…what you save by using your credit card may be less than what you pay in interest charges)

Do you have any other tips/tricks for saving money when booking your travel?????

Thanks for these tips BJ’s Wholesale Club