I love taking Christmas Portraits. There’s something about capturing our family as we are at that moment in time that gets me through the struggle of color coordinating outfits, scheduling the photographer, and threatening reminding my kiddos to smile and look at the camera 100 times. Somehow seeing the finished product makes it all worth it (which is what I have to keep telling myself each year as i go through it all over again).

We had never taken family pictures on the beach so, I thought it would be cool to do them at the beach without Christmas colors so that I could leave the pictures hung up in my house year round. I also thought that it would make choosing outfits easier…I was wrong. The only colors I could really find were red, black and silver. 6 stores and 20 pieces of clothing later (all of which has already been returned…minus what we ended up using of course), I somehow managed to pull together outfits 45 minutes before we had to leave. which explains why we sort of got there late but I digress.

Here in South Florida, it is never really windy but it just so happens that on the day we decide to take our Christmas portraits, on the beach I might add, it is the windiest day of the year. Thankfully, my friend Linda was still able to capture some great family pictures because she is a talented photographer (I guess it helps that my family is quite photogenic, if I do say so myself). Honestly, I am sure Linda took a ton of pics that she wasn’t able to use but I am so glad she got the ones she did. With that I present to you this year’s Christmas portraits.

*** 2015 Christmas Portraits ***

My Absolute Favorites

IMG_6691 Rev

Fernandez Kids rev

IMG_6874 rev

Family Pics

IMG_6696 REV

IMG_6935 rev

IMG_6715 rev

IMG_7005 rev

IMG_7217 rev

IMG_6902 rev

IMG_6745 rev

The Kiddos

IMG_7073 rev

IMG_7102 rev

IMG_6883 rev

IMG_6884 rev

IMG_6974 rev

IMG_6976 rev

My love

IMG_6746 rev

Let’s see what craziness I put myself through for next year’s Christmas Portraits  🙂