As I had posted previously, Beauty & The Beast is coming out in 3D on 1/13/12 for a Limited Time, so I was thrilled when I was invited to attend a pre-screening with my daughter and our close friends (Especially because it is one of my favorite Disney Movies).

*My Baby Girl & her friend E

You have to get to the theater early for advanced screenings, so I was happy to see that Radio Disney was there. They kept us entertained with Trivia Questions and Games….and my favorite, Prizes. E answered a trivia questions correctly and she won and my baby girl and I got to play a game together and we actually won, so she walked away a happy camper with a cute Radio Disney Bag.

*All you can really see is my baby girl’s orange shirt…LOL

She was excited about getting to wear glasses during the movie, she thought it was the coolest thing. Can you tell this was our first 3D Movie Theater Experience???

Getting to watch a Classic Disney Movie in the Theater and in 3D while sharing the experience with my daughter was truly incredible.  3D gives it so much life and there are certain scenes that really pop (for example, during the song “Be Our Guest”).

Whether you have never seen the movie or seen it one hundred times, I highly suggest you experiencing it in 3D.  We all absolutely LOVED it and the girls had a great time (they even walked away with prizes)

If you have never scene Beauty & The Beast, here is a preview of the film.

Did you know that they are also releasing Finding Nemo in 3D on 9/14?? They showed a preview for it and it looks INCREDIBLE. I am still hoping they also release The Little Mermaid in 3D.

Speaking of previews, before The Beauty and The Beast Begins, they have an all-new short film, TANGLED EVER AFTER. It is really funny. Here is a clip:

Have fun!  Let me know if you end up going to see and what you think  🙂