We love apples but I won’t go out on a limb for them, LOL. Thankfully, I don’t have to because BJ’s Wholesale Club offers nine varieties of Wellsley Farms apples exclusively harvested by the fourth generation, family-owned Hudson River Fruit, with orchards in New York and Vermont. Varieties include McIntosh, Gala, Cortland, Empire, Ginger Gold, Paula Red, Honeycrisp, Macoun, and Red Delicious.

Wellsley Farms Empire apples REV

October was National Apple Month and when I was at BJ’s Wholesale Club I picked up a bag of Wellsley Farms Empire apples for my family to enjoy. They enjoyed them so much that my husband has made it known that those are the only bag of apples I am allowed to buy from now on. They are that good!

Eating a Wellsley Farms Empire apple

They’re fresh and delicious, but what makes an apple truly “Appleicious”? Well, I’ve got that information for you…

  • The Northeast is the country’s apple capital, their orchards feature the most diverse array of apple varieties.
  • Apple growers on farms nearest the stores/clubs where their fruit is sold can pick the apples when they’re ripe to eat.  Sourcing fruit from the nearest orchard puts the sweetest apples on the shelves.
  • Hills and mountains with high altitude climates such as those located in the Northeast are often less susceptible to apple-damaging late frosts than lowland sites.
  • Northeast soil has different minerals, and composts than the West. Sunny days and cool nights along with the rich soil help to bring out the wonderful flavor and sweetness of the apples.

Want to know more? You can click here for additional information and check out this video to learn more about how BJ’s goes straight into local orchards to pick the perfect apples and then ships them in just 24 hours.

Although I was provided with a gift card to try Wellsley Farms from BJ’s, ALL opinions are my own.