With the new year comes renewal, and this includes deciding whether or not to renew a gym membership. Monthly memberships to the gym can be costly, and when we are not getting our money’s worth we might even end up feeling like they are not worth it at all. There are ways to cut your costs, negotiate for a better deal than the one that you paid for last year and even find ways that you can get even more out of your deal.

Tips For Saving Money on Your Gym Membership- TM2S

Here are some tips to help you shop around for the best gym membership for you, and maybe even the entire family.

Timing is Everything

If you want to renew your gym membership right at the beginning of the new year, this may keep you from getting the best deal possible. Gyms are flooded with new members coming in to try and begin their New Year’s resolution, so staff are less likely to offer discounts and extra perks with demand being so high. If you can wait a month or two into the new year, you stand to save 25-30%. Another way to save is to wait till the end of the month to go in for a new gym membership, when gyms are trying to reach their monthly membership goals and are again, more likely to offer great deals.

Purchase Only What You Use

Nobody likes paying for more than they are actually getting, and most gyms offer memberships that are based on the amount of extras you add on. If you do not plan on taking a set amount of fitness classes each month or using the gym’s babysitting service, ask for a membership price without those features added on. Having a bare bones membership that gives you only what you will be using can save you 30% on your monthly fee.

Ask For Monthly Membership

The number one reason most people feel they overspend on their gym membership is because they get tied down by a yearlong contract that they end up not using, or only using sporadically. Ask for a membership that is month to month rather than signing a contract. Even if it works out to slightly more each month you stand to save for the times of the year when you don’t use it. Gym memberships are often used in abundance when its cold outside and it becomes impossible to go jogging, running and biking. If you end up moving, traveling or injured, you can still get stuck paying for that fee.

Check With Your Insurance or Employer

A lot of new insurance policies and even employers are willing to offer a stipend for individuals that are looking to stay healthy with a gym membership. Taking a class at the local community college might also come with free or reduced gym time. Make sure you check out all your options before paying for the entire amount out of your own pocket.

Any other Tips For Saving Money on Your Gym Membership?