My daughter isn’t into movies as much as the rest of us are (can you believe that?), so when she told me that she wanted to see Little Women, I was all over making it happen. Not only because I am secretly holding out that her love of movies will increase but also because I am always looking for special opportunities to hang out with her. A Little Women movie date night happened and she loved it.

Little Women

I am all about drama and there was no shortage of it given that it tells the story of the relationship between 4 sisters and their mother. Given all they had going on in their lives, there really wasn’t a dull moment in the film…there was a lot of talking (which sometimes reminded me of Gilmore Girls and all the talking they did each episode). No matter what the situation, their bond helps them get through it which is heart warming.

Though not the main focal point of the movie, women’s rights (or there lack there of) was a major underlying tone. During the time frame in which this story is set (the 1800’s), women had very few rights. Given all the freedoms we enjoy today, I forget what the women before me had to endure, overcome or give up so that we can enjoy the freedoms we do today. Just another reason I am glad I was able to watch this with my daughter.

Throughout the movie, they transition between the present and the past and we found that to be a bit confusing at times but still, my daughter loved it (while I simply liked it). Is it good for kids? I wouldn’t say that it is necessarily bad for them but I do think they would be bored. I am glad to have watched it with her but it wouldn’t be a movie I would watch again or add to my collection.

Little Women is in theaters on December 25, 2019.

Little Women

More about Little Women

In the years after the Civil War, Jo March lives in New York and makes her living as a writer, while her sister Amy studies painting in Paris. Amy has a chance encounter with Theodore, a childhood crush who proposed to Jo but was ultimately rejected. Their oldest sibling, Meg, is married to a schoolteacher, while shy sister Beth develops a devastating illness that brings the family back together.