Ahoy Matey! Have you or your kids ever experienced a pirate adventure on an actual boat? Well we hadn’t until we visited Bluefoot Pirate Adventures in Fort Lauderdale last week. There my kiddos got the chance to become pirates for an hour and they loved it!

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures Ship

Before setting sail on the Bluefoot Pirate ship, my little pirates got their faces painted and were dressed up to play the part of a pirate with a sash, bandana, eye patch and sword. Didn’t my babies look so cute?

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures - DaughterBluefoot Pirate Adventures - Son

Once they were geared up and ready to go, we set sail on our pirate adventure. While us adults stayed sat in the middle and the back of the ship, all the little pirates were seated at the front of the ship and taught pirate lingo and about the various parts of the boats. They were actually able to lift up the sail and something else that I don’t know the technical term for, LOL. It was cool to see the little pirates at work!

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures

Things got really fun when the bad pirate, The Barnacle, showed up in a smaller boat. Apparently, he had the key to the treasure and it was the little pirates job to get it back from him.

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures The Barnacle

Naturally, they used the cannons (filled with water) to shoot at The Barnacle. The kids loved squirting him with water.

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures 2Bluefoot Pirate Adventures 5

But the kids really loved it when The Barnicle retaliated with a water gun of his own.

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures 3

My kids decided they would duck down instead of embracing the water…LOL.

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures 4

Of course victory was ours and the kiddos were happy (as you can see from the picture below).

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures 6

After our victory, our little pirates got the key to the treasure chest and got their treasure!

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures treasure

My kiddos and I had a great time! Now your little pirate can set sail on a pirate adventure with Bluefoot Pirate Adventures too! They actually have a special deal every Tuesday and Thursday where you Bu 1 Ticket, you get one Free…so you pay $25 and get 2 tickets. For more info. click HERE.

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures 7

Disclosure: My kiddos and I were provided with tickets to experience Bluefoot Pirate Adventures. ALL opinions are my own.