The arrival of the new year may have you wanting to tone up and slim down. You may think that buying a gym membership is the only way to do this but the good news is that it’s not! There are plenty of ways you can get tone from the comfort of your own home. In fact, you can even use some items found in your very own kitchen to do so. Curious?

Take a peek below for 7 Ways to Exercise Using Food From Your Kitchen. You will be amazed!

Bag of groceries isolated on white background

Arm and Upper Body Exercises

1. Get fit with flour

A 1-5 pound bag of flour makes the perfect weight. Simply stand holding the bag out in front of you with both arms. Arms should be stretched out but gently bent at the elbow. Bring the flour down to your waist keeping arms straight. Lift back up to your face. Repeat 10 times.

2. Get sassy with soup

Take a soup can in each hand. Place your arms to your side and then slowly lift them until they are even with your shoulders. Repeat ten times and feel the burn!

3. Get svelte with sugar

Laying on your back hold the sugar bag at your waist. Gently lift it until it is about eye level. Return it to your waist slowly. Repeat ten times.

4. Mix up some muscle

Place some liquid in a cocktail shaker or empty bottle. Replace the lid and start mixing! Feel that burn? The harder and longer you shake the container, the more your muscles will work and tone.

Legs and Thighs

5. Build muscle with milk

Hold a gallon of milk in each hand (or fill your gallon jugs with water) and hold them to your sides. Put one leg out in front and do a slow lunge until you are resting on one knee. Switch legs and repeat 10 times, 5 times for each side.

6. Apple squeeze

Sit on a chair and place an apple between your knees. Practice squeezing your thighs to keep the apple in place. It is a great workout, and harder than you may think!

7. Grocery bag haul

This one is a cinch! Next time you bring in a bag or two of groceries, use that weight to your advantage. Hold the bag to your chest or bags to your side and do lunges, stairs, squats, wall squats, or arm raises. They will act as the perfect resistance and really help you feel that burn.

See how easy it is to get fit using items from your own kitchen? Give these tips a try and you will never find yourself needing to pay for a gum again!