It’s Halloween which means kids and adults will be consuming ALOT of candy and chocolate today and quite possibly for the next few weeks (depending on how well you do at trick-or-treating). While those treats are quite yummy, they can have a negative impact and lasting effect on your teeth and we don’t want that do we?

Assuming you answered the question above with a “No”, be sure to check out these 4 Tips Interesting Facts for Keeping Mouths Healthy on Halloween.


1. Instead of snacking on candy and chocolate throughout the day, save it for a treat to enjoy after a meal. Interesting fact: Increased saliva production from a meal will help prevent tooth decay.

2. Be careful with chewy candies like taffy because they stick to your teeth longer than chocolate and be careful with hard candies that take longer to consume. Interesting fact: The longer a sugary food is in your mouth, the higher the risk for tooth decay.

3. Balance out the increase of sugary candies by avoiding sugary beverages and drink fluoridated water instead. Interesting fact: This can help reduce cavities by 20 to 40 percent.

4. Consider chewing on sugarless gum as a candy alternative. Interesting fact: Chewing sugarless gum after meals helps reduce tooth decay by increasing saliva flow that helps wash out food and dental plaque bacteria.

There you go. No need to avoid eating candy and chocolate this Halloween with these tips.

Thanks for the Tips, Florida Dental Association!